Apr 23, 2019

Build your own decorator pattern

Alternative to the Draper that is almost 3 times faster
Apr 16, 2019

Introduction to Rails patterns

Get a free copy of the book
Feb 11, 2019

Rescue from errors with a grace

Alternative approach for errors catching
Jan 07, 2019

The simplicity and power of Ruby struct

A complete guide to Ruby Struct
Aug 20, 2018

Hawker gem

Get the profile information from Github, Twitter or Instagram without the API
Aug 13, 2018

WordpRSS gem

a simple Ruby gem to pull any Wordpress RSS channel
Aug 06, 2018

Rails application data validation levels

4 levels of the data validation in a Rails application you should be aware of
Mar 27, 2018

Less known Rails features

ActiveJob, ActiveModel, and command line
Mar 21, 2018

Things that slow down rspec tests

Three useful tips for having fast RSpec tests
Mar 15, 2018

Refactor and speed up rspec tests

4 ways of improving RSpec tests
Mar 08, 2018

Your own slow query log

No sql configuration required
Mar 01, 2018

Build your own RSpec

introduction to DSL and metaprogramming