Soft skills: the software developer’s life manual – book review

Soft skills: the software developer’s life manual – book review January 21, 2018Leave a comment

Soft skills: the software developer’s life manual book was the first book I read about the software developer career and the only one so far. I must admit that it was a game changer for me. However, I didn’t quit my job, start my own company and earn a million dollars after reading it but it gives me a brand new and unique perspective. Let’s jump to the short description. Short because I encourage you to read this book.

The book is divided into seven chapters: career, marketing yourself, learning, productivity, financial, fitness, and spirit.

Career, marketing yourself, learning and productivity

Best chapters of the book. The author gives a bunch of useful information, a lot of motivation but also says how the reality really looks. After reading the chapter about marketing yourself I realized for the first time that everyone has own personal brand and very few of us are doing something to build a strong and interesting brand.

Financial, fitness, and spirit

I didn’t omit those chapters but I didn’t find them useful in my case. However, it’s great to see that you can be a developer but also a successful real estate trader and well build person. The author shows that we have to find a balance between work and life and how important it is.

You should really buy this book

I think each software developer should read this book because it’s a different book. This book has a positive vibe and tells the truth that we have to know if we want to be successful as a software creator. It was a pleasure to read it and use information covered inside. At the very end, my set of the most important 2 lessons from the book:

1. When you learn and then share your knowledge with others you learn twice
2. Self-discipline matters – remember about it when next time you will get to the mental wall

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