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5 ways to work more efficiently in new year

Even if you are not a big fan of New Year's resolutions you may want to level up your game in the new year. Or at least stay at the same level. No matter what plans do you have, is it worth to consider changing the way you work in order to do more and work more efficiently. I prepared 5 strategies that will help you to achieve your goals.

5 ways to work more efficiently in new year January 2, 2019

1. Define goals but focus on habits

I’m sure you heard many times the following quote: “How Do You Eat An Elephant?: One Bite at a Time”. In most of the cases, it is true. Sometimes you have to split the work into the smaller parts but sometimes you have to do the same thing many times in order to achieve the given goal. And that is the time when habits matter the most. You may want to learn a new programming language or technology and it scares you because you have to step into the completely new field. Instead of working very hard every day and feel burnt at the end of the month, you may consider setting daily habits such as doing one lesson from the course per day etc.

This approach, which is based on habits, helps you to stay focused for a long time, avoid being burnt after a long time period and allows you to do many other things instead of focusing only on one thing. You may not see the outstanding results after a week or two but eventually, you will see that it will pay off. The consequence is the key to success. We overestimate the amount of work we can have done in a day and underestimate the amount of work that can be done in a month or two.

2. Use the 10x rule

When I heard about this rule for the first time, I didn’t take it seriously. Completing big goals is hard and how is it possible that setting 10 times larger goals will work? And here is the key: in most cases, you can’t use the same solution for archiving original goal as well as for the 10 times bigger goal. You have to think differently. You have to work on a completely different scale.

If your goal is to earn 1k monthly more then the first thing is to work more or gain new skills and ask for the salary raise. If you want to earn 10k monthly more then previous solutions are not good enough unless you want to gain a very very valuable skill. You have to take a completely different approach. You may want to start a side project which will give you the passive income. Even if you don’t reach the 10x goal you may finish somewhere in the middle and it will be far away from the initial one.

3. Accept fear

If you are afraid of doing something it does not mean that you are weak. Fear, like other emotions, it is built in human nature and we can’t really get rid of it. But you can still act even if you experience fear. Famous people, great speakers, and the best sports athletes also experience fear but they know that it’s nothing bad and they learned how to control it. According to the scientists, our body reacts to the fear the same way as it reacts to the excitement emotion.

The good news is that you can delude your brain in the stressing situation. Each time you experience fear of doing something, you have to tell yourself that you are excited. It’s about transforming negative emotion into a positive one. You may not experience the huge difference at the first time but as often as you will be practicing this trick you should start seeing better results.

4. Change the way you look at the failure

Nobody likes to fail – no doubt about it. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t take any action because they are too scared of failure. What is more, they interpret incorrectly quotes like “Fail fast, fail often” thinking that it is about making a lot of mistakes and doing things that we don’t have any idea about. In fact, such quotes were created to encourage people to try new things and identify failure as a step forward. With each failure, you know more about the given topic and you are closer to the success.

So if you plan to learn new technology this year, go ahead and play with it and don’t be scared of making stupid mistakes. If won’t be able to understand rules quickly it does not mean that you are less intelligent than other people. Put more effort into the learning process and you will see positive results quickly.

5. Listen to your intuition

Yes, there is a place for listening to your intuition even in IT. I don’t mean situations where you have to select the technology stack for your next project but more about choosing a career path and similar situations. Too rarely we focus on our desires or dreams and too often we act basing on numbers. I believe that listening to the intuition is closely related to the level of satisfaction and happiness.

If you are planning to start some kind of side project or a new job, maybe is it worth to ask yourself about things that you enjoy doing and see if the choices you are planning to make are related to them. Having the balance between mind and intuition will prevent from being burnt and tired. And you never know how far your intuition will lead you if you just give it a chance.

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